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Recent Findings
The Top Ten List of Gravitational Lens Candidates from the HST Medium Deep Survey.
Kavan U. Ratnatunga, Richard E. Griffiths & Eric J. Ostrander
Natural Lenses in Space Stretch Hubble's View of the Universe
NASA Press release STScI-PR99-18
Universal spectacle
By Byron Spice, Science Editor, Pittsburgh, Post-Gazette
Galactic `magnifying glasses' unlock distant mysteries
By Alex Salkever, The Christian Science Monitor
Hubble sights distortions from gravitational `lenses'
CNN interactive - 1999 May 14
Readers Can View Top 10 Gravitational Lens Images
By Don Radler, Editor, University Science
Hubble Spots Space `Lenses'
By Mark Sincell, Discovery Online News
Through the looking glass
By Dr John M. Horack, Director, Space Science News.
Hubble's Mirages
The Editors of Sky and Telescope Magazine
Natural lenses in space stretch Hubble's view of the universe
Pole Star Publications Ltd., Astronomy Now Online
A Gallery of Gravitational Mirages
Astronomy Picture of the Day - 1999 June 1
The HST Medium Deep Survey Cluster Sample: Methodology and Data
Eric J. Ostrander, Robert C. Nichol, Kavan U. Ratnatunga, and Richard E. Griffiths
Far-Flung Galaxy Clusters May Reveal Fate of Universe
NASA Press release STScI-PR98-27
Peering deep into space
Byron Spice, Science Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Hubble Reveals More Distant Galaxy Clusters
The Editors of Sky and Telescope Magazine
A Cluster Too Far
Astronomy Picture of the Day - 1998 September 8
Distant Clusters of Galaxies
NASA's Observation of the Week - 1998 October 21
New "Einstein Cross" Gravitational Lens Candidates in HST WFPC2 Survey Images
Kavan U. Ratnatunga, Eric J. Ostrander, Richard E. Griffiths, and Myungshin Im
Hubble Discovers new class of Gravitational Lens for probing structure of the Cosmos
NASA Press release STScI-PR95-43
A Galaxy Gravitational Lens
Astronomy Picture of the Day - 1995 December 20
A Cosmic Lens
NASA's Observation of the Week - 1996 January 10

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